First hollow stem update – 03/01/2013

The OSU Small Grains Extension team checked first hollow stem at Chickasha and Stillwater this week. Measurements from both locations are provided in the tables below. Varieties with 1.5 cm or more of hollow stem are considered to be at first hollow stem. Numbers have not changed much at Chickasha due to the cold weather; however, with temperatures climbing into the 60’s next week we should see rapid progression of first hollow stem. Although planted a few days earlier, Stillwater is about a week behind Chickasha in terms of first hollow stem. This is due to severe drought stress at Stillwater. In fact, there were a few times I questioned wether or not the Stillwater plots would survive. In this situation it is important to not only consider first hollow stem but also the amount of green leaf area remaining after grazing. Wheat with less than 60% ground cover at jointing will likely not achieve full grain yield potential, even if cattle were removed prior to first hollow stem.


                     cm of hollow stem

Variety               02/28/13

Jagger                   2.5

Endurance             0.1

Deliver                   0.3

Pete                       0.2

Ruby Lee               1.1

Garrison                 0.8

Duster                    0.5


Iba                         0.4

Fuller                     1.5

Everest                 –

Jackpot                  0.7

Doans                    0.4

Greer                     1.6

CJ                          0.8

Razor                     4.0

Armour                   1.0

WB-Cedar              1.1

WB-Redhawk          1.1

T153                      1.2

T154                      1.0

T158                      0.3

OK08328               0.4

*Average of ten hollow stem measurements in wheat sown 09/20/12 at Chickasha, OK




                     cm of hollow stem

Variety               02/27/13

Jagger                     0.4

Endurance              0.1

Deliver                     0.7

Pete                        0.3

OK Bullet                0.1

OK Rising                0.4

Centerfield              0.3

Ruby Lee                 1.2

Garrison                   0.5

Duster                      0.0

Gallgher                  0.3

Iba                           0.0

Billings                    0.2

Fuller                       0.5

Everest                    2.3

Jackpot                    0.8

Doans                      0.5

Greer                       0.4

CJ                            0.0

Razor                       0.6

Armour                    0.1

WB-Cedar                0.6

WB-Redhawk           0.9

WB-Duece CL+        4.2

WB-Grainfield          0.4

Winterhawk              0.6

WB-4458                 1.6

T153                       0.9

T154                       0.7

T158                       0.1

LCS Mint                 0.1

LCH08-80                0.0

LCH08 – 109            0.2

T173                       0.0

Byrd                         0.2

Brawl CL+                0.2

TAM 113                 0.3

OK09915C              0.1

OK09935C              0.1

OK09634                 0.0

OK09125                 0.1

OK09528                 0.0

OK09729                 0.2

OK08328                 0.1

*Average of ten hollow stem measurements in wheat sown 09/18/12 at Stillwater, OK


Onset of first hollow stem was affected by severe drought stress

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