Oklahoma Harvest Continues in the Panhandle, Is Wrapped up in All Other Regions of the State for the Most Part

Report by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission


The Oklahoma wheat harvest is complete in most areas from the Oklahoma/Texas border to the Oklahoma/Kansas border. In the Panhandle region harvest is in full swing with producers working on the dryland wheat harvest and irrigated harvest. Yields have not been as positive in the Panhandle regions on both the dryland and irrigated wheat. A lot of dryland wheat yields have been reported in the mid 20’s with a lot of irrigated wheat yields reported in the mid 40’s to mid 50’s. Heavy rains with severe hail has also impacted areas between Boise City and Guymon. Elevators in the Panhandle region are planning on taking in approximately 50 to 55% of the crop they took in last year. Protein levels in the Panhandle region have been holding up even on the irrigated wheat for the most part. While a lot of the dryland wheat is above 12% protein even with the slightly lower percentages in the irrigated wheat, producers and elevator managers are hoping for an 11.8 to 11.9% average for the region. Test weights for the region are averaging 60 to 61 lbs./bu. Harvest around the Guymon and Hooker areas is 70 to 75% completed with harvest out by Boise City approximately 40% completed.

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Since April 2016, I have served as the Small Grains Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University. My research and extension efforts focus on delivering science-based recommendations in order to increase small grains production and profitability for stakeholders throughout Oklahoma and the southern Great Plains.

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