Harvest for Oklahoma Wheat 90% Complete

Report by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission


The Oklahoma Wheat harvest is mostly complete for the Southwest, South Central, Central, West Central, Central, and Northeast parts of the state. In some of these areas, producers are finishing up with their last fields. Harvest continues to move forward in the North Central, Northwest, and Panhandle regions of the state. Across the state, test weights continue to be favorable, with above average proteins reported from the Oklahoma/Texas line to the Oklahoma/Kansas line. Based on reports from elevator managers, this week’s harvest continues to come in with lower than predicted yields from the North Central part of the state. Dryland wheat yields in the Panhandle region being harvested are coming in with higher yields than predicted, but many of those yields are still making in the low 20’s with an occasional dryland yield being reported in the mid 30’s depending on the location. Some of the irrigated wheat around Guymon has been harvested, but no reports on yields have been received. While yields across the state have not been as favorable as the industry would like, overall quality of this crop still looks to be encouraging as producers in the Northern and Panhandle regions of the state work to get the crop out. The USDA June 12th Crop production estimates for Oklahoma are predicting 2 million acres to be harvested with a 26 bushel per acre yield, making the Oklahoma production estimate 52 million bushels for the 2018 crop.


Percentages of Harvest Completed Across Oklahoma

Southwest Oklahoma 99% Complete

South Central Oklahoma 99% Complete

Central Oklahoma 99% Complete

West Central Oklahoma 99% Complete

North Central Oklahoma 77% Complete

Northwest Oklahoma 90% Complete

Northeast Oklahoma 99% Complete

Panhandle 50% Complete

Entire State of Oklahoma 90% Complete


For more information on winter wheat acreage, yield and production estimates in other states click on the USDA June Crop Production Report listed below.



North Central Oklahoma


Enid- Harvest is reported to be 95% complete. Test weights are ranging all over the board, from 56 to 62 lbs./bu. depending on the variety and location. The average test weights for this area to date are 59 to 60 lbs./bu. Proteins are reported to be ranging from 11.5 to as high as 16%. Elevator locations for the most part have been saying that as harvest progresses overall, they will be looking at a 12.5% protein average for the region. Yields have been reported all over the board from the mid teens to the mid 30’s.

Kremlin/Medford/Nardin/Nash/Renfrow- Harvest is 75 to 80% complete depending on the location. Test weights have been averaging 58.5 lbs./bu. for the region. Proteins reported in the 12 to 13% range. Yields are ranging from the low 20’s to the mid 40’s, with a lot of wheat trending more in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Blackwell- Harvest is reported to be 85% complete. Test weights are ranging from 55 to 61 lbs./bu., with an average of 59 lbs./bu. overall. Yields reported in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s.  Proteins have ranged from 11 to 17% with an average coming in at 12.8%.


Northwest Oklahoma


Alva- Test weights reported in the ranges of 59.5 to 60 lbs./bu. Proteins are averaging 12.5%. Harvest is approximately 99% complete. Yield reports have ranged in the mid-teens to the 30’s depending on location. An occasional yield in the mid 40’s has been reported from time to time.

Shattuck-  Harvest is 80% complete. Test weights are 60 lbs./bu. or above. Yields on the dryland are averaging 10 to 15 bushels per acre. On the irrigated wheat, yields are making in the mid 30’s to the mid 60’s depending on location. The protein average was reported at 13%, although it has not been uncommon to see proteins in the 14 and 15% range. 


The Panhandle


Buffalo- Harvest did not last long in this region and is 99% complete. Yields have been reported in the mid teens to mid 20’s. Proteins have ranged from 13 to 14%. Most of the wheat was grazed or abandoned in this area due to the drought.

Hooker- Harvest on the dryland wheat is moving in full force, and is estimated 50 to 60 percent complete. Proteins averaging 13%. Test weights averaging 60.5 lbs./bu. Yields reported from 9 to as high as 25 bushels per acre for the most part. One producer reported his field of dryland wheat to have made 37 bushels per acre. No reports on irrigated wheat harvest for this week.

Keyes- Harvest is approximately 30% complete. Test weights have ranged from 57 to 62 lbs./bu. Yields have been reported from as low as 10 to as high as 30 bushels per acre depending on the location. Proteins are averaging 12.5%.


Northeast Oklahoma


Afton- Harvest is approximately 99% complete. Test weights reported from 60 to 63 lbs./bu.  Proteins ranging from 10 to 13%. This region is averaging 11.5% on protein. Yields reported from the low 30’s to as high as 70 bushels per acre. Overall the yields and quality have been favorable. 

Miami –Harvest is approximately 99% complete. Test weights reported from 60 to 63 lbs./bu.  Proteins ranging from 10 to 12.5%. This region is averaging 11.0% on protein. Yields reported from the low 20’s to as high as 70 bushels per acre. Overall the yields and quality have been favorable.


The final harvest report from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission will be published on Tuesday June 26, 2018.  After this week, harvest reporting will only take place in the Northern and Panhandle regions of the state.

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