Oklahoma Wheat Harvest At 95% Complete

Courtesy Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Oklahoma Wheat harvest is wrapping up in the Northern and Panhandle regions of the state. Harvest has been hindered in spots due to rain showers over the past 5 days in the Panhandle, Northwest and North Central Oklahoma.  Rain showers this afternoon across the Panhandle and Northern Oklahoma will slow progress of completion.  (Note: Quality of the crop has not changed on what was previously reported from last week.) Sprout damage being reported in the state from regions hit by heavy rains is accounting for approximately 5 to 10% of the crop.  It is important to note much of the crop that has sprout damage is also reporting minimal numbers in that 5 to 7% range.  When looking at the averages for blending purposes it seems sprout is not going to be as big an issue as previously thought.  Proteins across the state are favorable with averages coming in between 12 to 13% in most places.  Yields are ranging all over the board from the low teens to mid-20’s in Southwest, Oklahoma. In South Central Oklahoma, yields being reported from 10 bushels per acre to the mid 30’s. Yields in central and Northern Oklahoma are being reported as higher ranging from 15 bushels per acre to as high as 65 bushels per acre.  In the Northern tier of the state where yields are better, regions are still looking at averages in the high 20’s to mid-30’s.  It is also important to note several areas in Northwest Oklahoma up by Cherokee and Burlington had severe drought and large portions of that region will not be harvested, which will also have major impact on statewide bushels that are taken in.  Test weight average in Southern and Central Oklahoma will be 58 pounds per bushel.  Test weight averages in Northern Oklahoma and in the Panhandle will be higher falling in the 59 pound to 61 pound per bushel range depending on location.  The Oklahoma Wheat Commission is now calling Oklahoma wheat harvest 95% complete. Due to lack of harvest taking place on the minimal amount left to harvest with the rains this week and the 4th of July holiday a final harvest report from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission will be published on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

See definitions of classes and what they are used for on the next page.

**Hard Red Winter Wheat-Versatile, with excellent milling and baking characteristics for pan bread, Hard Red Winter is also a choice wheat for Asian noodles, hard rolls, flat breads, general purpose flour and cereal.

**Soft Red Winter Wheat- A versatile weak-gluten wheat with excellent milling and baking characteristics, Soft Red Winter is suited for cookies, crackers, pretzels, pastries and flat breads.


Grandfield/Devol/Chattanooga/Lawton- Grandfield is 99% complete, Devol is 99% complete, Chattanooga is 99% complete, Lawton is reported 99% complete. Test weights in this region ranging from 58-60 pounds per bushel. Yields ranging in the low teens to mid-20’s. Proteins ranging from the 11.5% to 12.5%. No sprout damage reported from these locations.

Frederick- Harvest in this region is 99% complete. Test weights ranging from 60 to 61 pounds/bushel.  Proteins ranging from 12 to 12.5% range. Yields being reported from low teens to high twenties, averaging in the low 20’s.

Altus/Duke/Carter- Harvest in this region reported as 99% done. Test weights now trending 56-59 pounds per bushel compared to earlier cuttings making 59 to 60 pounds per bushel.   Yields reported from 5 bushel an acre to mid-20’s. Proteins ranging from 13% to 16%.

Lone Wolf/Hobart- Harvest in these regions is reported at 99% complete.  Test weights being reported from 55 to 58 pounds per bushel.  Yields ranging from low teens to mid-20’s.  Proteins reported making from 13% to 16%. 

South Central

Apache- Wheat harvest is moving along in this region and is considered 99% complete.  Test weights have been ranging from 57 pounds to 58 pounds per bushel for the most part.  On the intensive management wheat, they are seeing some 60-pound test weights.   Yields for the most part are ranging from 10 to 35 bushels per acre depending on location, management and variety.

Chickasha- Harvest in this region 99% complete.  Yields are doing much better than expected based on all the heavy rains, high winds and hail damage that occurred.   Test weights ranging from 58 to 59 pounds per bushel. Yields making in the mid 20’s to mid-30’s.  Some minor sprout damage is being reported but not as bad as expected.  Some producers have had 20 to 40% hail damage losses.

Western Oklahoma

Sentinel/Rocky- Harvest has made great progress over the weekend and is reported at 99% complete.   Test weights reported in the 56 to 60 pounds per bushel range. Yields being reported from 14 to 28 bushels per acre.  Proteins ranging from 13% to 17% depending on variety and management practices.

Hinton- This region is reported at 99% complete.  Yields are doing better than expected after all the storms that hit prior to last week.  Yields ranging in the mid 30’s, test weights averaging 60.5 pounds.  Proteins ranging from 10% to 17% with a 13.5% average.

Central Oklahoma

El Reno- They are reporting 99% harvested in this region. Yields are being reported from the low 20’s to the low 40’s depending on variety and management.  Test weights ranging from 57 to 59.5 pounds per bushel.  Protein ranging from 11% to 14.5%

Kingfisher/OmegaHarvest in this region reported to be 99% complete. Test weights with ranges reported from 57 to 60 pounds per bushel.  Yields averaging in the high 20’s to low 30’s. Proteins have ranged from 10% to 15%, seeing a lot in the 11.5% to 12.5% range.

Reeding- Harvest in this region reported 99% complete. Test weights with ranges from 57 to 59 pounds per bushel being reported. Yields averaging mid-teens to low 30’s depending on variety and management. Proteins ranging from 11% to 12%.

Loyal- Harvest in this region reported at 99% complete.  Test weights averaging 57 to 59 pounds per bushel.  Yields on early harvested wheat making in the low 20’s to low 40’s.  Protein ranging from 11.5% to 12.5% on early samples.

Northwest OK

Shattuck/Fort Supply-This region being reported at 96% complete. Test weights ranging from 57 to 62 pounds per bushel depending on variety and management.  Yields ranging from 5 bushels to 25 bushels per acre.  Proteins are ranging from 12% to 14%.

Burlington- Harvest in this region reported at 99% complete. A large area in this region will not be harvested due to the severe drought.  On the crop that will be harvested, test weight for this region is averaging 58 pounds per bushel.  Yields making in the mid 20’s to mid-40’s on the wheat that will be harvested depending on where moisture was received in a timely manner and management practices.  Proteins ranging from 12% to 13%.

Helena/Goltry- Harvest in this region 98% complete.  Yields reported from the mid-teens to mid 30’s. Yields have increased as harvest has progressed as producers have gotten into better wheat. Test weights ranging from 58 to 60 pounds per bushel.  Proteins are averaging 13%.

Northern Oklahoma

Pond Creek/Lamont- This area reported to be 95% complete.  Test weights ranging from 58 to 60 pounds per bushel. Yields being reported in the low 30’s to mid-40’s. Proteins ranging from 12% to 16%.

Medford/Deer Creek-Producers in this region are moving forward and harvest is reported 95% complete. Test weights on early cuttings ranging from 58 to 61 pounds per bushel.  Yields in this region have been reported to be making better because of timely rains.  The yields are ranging from low 30’s to mid-40’s.   Some reports on management intensive wheat to be making in the high 60’s. Proteins have been ranging from 11% to 16%.

Perry/Tonkawa/Ponca City/Blackwell Harvest reported at 96% complete. Test weights ranging from 58 to 61 pounds per bushel. Protein averages around 12 to 13%.  Yields making in the mid 20’s to mid-40’s with some areas reporting higher yields on management intensive wheat.

Northeast & Eastern Oklahoma

Afton/Miami/Wetumka/Webber Falls Afton is 95% complete, Miami is 85% complete. Wetumka and Webber Falls is at 95% complete.  Test weightson both the Hard Red Winter (HRW) and Soft Red Winter (SRW) wheat is ranging from 60 pounds to 65 pounds per bushel.  Yields on both the HRW and SRW ranging from 30 bushels to 65 bushels per acre, depending on variety and management practices.  No proteins reported at this time, no sprout damage has been reported for wheat in this region.


Balko- Dryland harvest is 95% complete, irrigated wheat harvest is 85% complete. The dryland wheat in parts of this region are doing better than anticipated with reports ranging from mid-teens to low 40’s.   Irrigated wheat in this region ranging from mid 40’s to the mid 80’s with higher yields than expected given the year.  Test weights ranging from 62 to 64 pounds per bushel. Proteins averaging 12.5%

HookerHarvest on the dryland wheat is progressing with 95% of the dryland wheat being harvested. Harvest on the irrigated wheat reported at 85% complete.  Yields on the dryland wheat making from 5 bushels per acre to in the mid 20’s depending on location.  Yields on the early irrigated wheat not favorable with reports on early cuttings making in the low to mid 40’s, with a few reports of some making in the mid 60’s  to low 70’s.   Test weights on the dryland wheat weighing 63 pounds to 64 pounds per bushel, nothing weighing less than 60 pounds per bushel on the irrigated wheat.  Protein for this region being reported at 12.5%.

 Below see the Heat Maximum and Air Temperatures at 2:40 p.m. on Monday, June 27th along with the radar of rain showers in Northern Oklahoma at 2:45 p.m.  Also please see the 7-day forecast provided by the Oklahoma Mesonet.  The next harvest report will be scheduled for Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

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