Oklahoma Wheat Harvest Completed for the Most Part with the State 99% Finished – Harvest Report June 29, 2020

Courtesy Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Wheat harvest is now complete in most regions of the state, with a few combines finishing up in parts of the Panhandle as well as Northern Oklahoma. This has been one of the fastest wheat harvest that we have seen in some time. The weather in all regions was favorable once machines started rolling in Southwest Oklahoma and allowed progress to move extremely fast from border to border. The Oklahoma Wheat Commission is calling wheat harvest 99% finished and this will be the final harvest report for the 2020 season. Test weight averages across the state have been extremely favorable in all regions, with most of the crop coming in at 61 lbs. to 64 lbs. per bushel.

Yields in Southwest and South Central Oklahoma varied with much of the wheat having low yields (ranging from the mid teens to high 20’s) due to excessive freeze damage that took place on April 15th. Yields were much better in central Oklahoma, with several reports in the mid 40’s to high 50’s. Yields in North Central and Northwest Oklahoma continue to range from the mid 40 to mid-60 bushels per acre depending on variety and location. In the Panhandle regions, irrigated wheat harvest continues. Yields on irrigated wheat in the central to the western regions of the Panhandle have not been as favorable as years past with a lot of irrigated wheat making 50 to 75 bushels per acre, with an occasional report of 100 bushels per acre or slightly higher. Test weights in the Panhandle continue steady at 60 lbs. to 62 lbs. per bushel. In some areas on the earlier harvested dryland wheat, test weights were a bit lower at 58 lbs. per bushel. Proteins across the state for this 2020 harvest have ranged from 8% to as high as 15.5%. The state average for protein is being reported between 11% to 11.2%.

This will be the last harvest report conducted by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission for the 2020 harvest season.

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I have served as an Assistant Professor and Small Grains Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University since August 2019. I believe that close interaction with producers is vital to understand their production strategies and to establish realistic research goals. My program focuses on developing science-based information to improve the agronomic and economic viability of small grains production in Oklahoma and in the Southern Great Plains.

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