Join me in congratulating Dr. Bob Hunger for his retirement after 39 years of service!

Amanda de Oliveira Silva, Small Grains Extension Specialist

Today I would like to dedicate a post to Dr. Bob Hunger, who has served as the OSU Wheat Extension Pathologist for 39 years and is officially retiring today!

Bob, I am grateful to have had the chance to work with you during our time at OSU. Thanks for being a mentor, colleague, and a friend. I know you have many fun plans, but I hope you won’t forget us.

I had so much fun traveling with you to field days this year. I learned many things with you, including a few American sayings like “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” on our early morning trips and how to use a printed road map to get to our sites instead of using a GPS. However, I am not sure I will follow you on this last one lol.

Bob, I hope you know the great contributions you have made to the OK wheat industry and how much we appreciate you. See a few pictures below 🙂

My first (in person) field day season and Bob’s last field day season. Cotton County, 2021.
Bob about to dig in at Eischen’s, the oldest bar in OK. This was after our field day at Kingfisher.
Bob giving an update on wheat diseases at the field day at Cherokee.
The field day in the Panhandle would not be complete if we didn’t stop for a blizzard on a hot day in Woodward. Drs. Edwards and Manuchehri will relate to that.
Brett Carver, me, and Bob celebrating Bob’s retirement with a lunch and walk around OSU campus.
The Oklahoma Wheat Commission recognized Bob for his 39 years of dedicated service during the Lahoma Field Day.

Thank you, Bob!

Feel free to leave a message to Bob here below. I am sure he will be glad to read it.

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I have served as an Assistant Professor and Small Grains Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University since August 2019. I believe that close interaction with producers is vital to understand their production strategies and to establish realistic research goals. My program focuses on developing science-based information to improve the agronomic and economic viability of small grains production in Oklahoma and in the Southern Great Plains.

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