First hollow stem update 03/11/2014

With the exception of one experimental line, there are still no varieties at the first hollow stem stage of growth at Stillwater. The results from a March 10 sampling of plots are posted below, and we will post results from another sample later this week. First hollow stem works as a pull off date for cattle on wheat pasture because it allows the plant a small amount of time prior to jointing to recover some of the green leaf area lost to grazing. As evidenced by the results posted on this blog, first hollow stem is running a good 1.5 to 2 weeks later than normal.

Given the situation, it is advisable to consider removing cattle from wheat pasture sooner rather than later. In many cases this would be before the occurrence of first hollow stem. I make this recommendation because once our temperatures start to warm, it is likely that that wheat phenological development will proceed in rapid fashion. We could easily encounter a situation where there are only a few days separating first hollow stem and jointing. Pulling cattle from wheat pasture a little early will allow extra time for recovery, which might be needed this year.

Variety cm of hollow stem 03/10/2014
Endurance 0.16
Deliver 0.00
Pete 0.32
OK Bullet 0.15
OK Rising 0.15
Billings 0.60
Ruby Lee 0.13
Garrison 0.20
Duster 0.02
Gallagher 0.84
Iba 0.17
Everest 0.60
Jackpot 1.09
Doans 0.04
Greer 0.33
CJ 0.07
SY Southwind 0.57
Exp F14 0.86
Armour 1.00
WB-Cedar 0.97
WB-Redhawk 1.08
WB-Grainfield 0.09
Winterhawk 0.35
WB4458 0.40
T153 0.64
T154 0.37
T158 0.07
LCS Mint 0.29
LCS Wizard 0.00
LCH11-109 0.00
LCH11-1117 0.12
LCH11-1130 0.88
TAM 112 1.03
TAM 113 0.84
Byrd 0.62
Brawl CL Plus 0.00
Centerfield 0.00
Doublestop CL Plus 0.00
OK09125 0.08
OK09520 0.05
OK10126 0.00
OK08707W-19C13 0.55
OK10805W 0.00
OK10728W 0.24
OK11754WF 1.61
Average 0.40

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