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First hollow stem update 03/05/15

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First hollow stem is the optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pasture (full explanation). To monitor first hollow stem, we measure hollow stem for the 56 lines in our September-sown wheat forage plots at Stillwater each year. In spite of the recent cold snap many varieties are progressing towards first hollow stem. The small grains extension crew split ten stems from lines tested in our program today and1863, LCS Mint, TAM 204, TAM 113, TAM 114, and Byrd join the list of varieties at or past first hollow stem. Full results are posted in the table below. Varieties with no value for first hollow stem reached first hollow stem on a previous measurement date.

We will take another set of measurements later this week and report the results on this blog. Given the warm forecast for the coming week, I predict that all varieties will be well past first hollow stem by next Friday. You can check progression of first hollow stem around the state by using the First Hollow Stem Advisor on the Oklahoma Mesonet site.


First hollow stem measured in wheat sown 09/16/2014 at Stillwater, OK. Varieties with a “-” reached first hollow stem on a previous measurement date
Variety cm of hollow stem 03/05/15
Endurance 0.2
Deliver 0.2
Pete 0.1
OK Rising 0.2
Billings 0.7
Ruby Lee 0.6
Garrison 0.5
Duster 0.5
Iba 0.5
Centerfield 0.2
Doublestop CL Plus 0.3
NF 101
1863 1.6
KanMark 1.1
Oakley CL 0.6
KS061406 1.0
Sy Llano
Sy Southwind 0.9
Greer 1.1
Sy Monument 0.1
06BC722#25 2.8
AP09T7631 1.1
WB-Grainfield 0.8
T158 1.3
LCS Mint 1.5
LCS Wizard 0.7
LCS Pistol
LCH13DH-20-87 1.1
TAM 112
TAM 204 1.6
TAM 113 1.6
TAM 114 1.9
CO11D174 1.1
Byrd 1.7
Brawl CL Plus
OK09125 0.8
OK1059060-2C14 1.4
OK11D25056 0.9
OK12621 0.8
OK08P707W-19C13 1.3
OK10728W 1.5
Average 1.0


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